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Process Serving provided throughout England and Wales
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Process Server

Process Server

We have Process Servers available throughout England and Wales on both Fixed Fee rates, and Legal Aid Rates where required. Our Process Servers are:
  • Fast and Efficient
  • Professional
  • High Success Rates
  • Great Customer Satisfaction
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Asset Reports

Our Tracing Agents and Enquiry agents are highly trained and are specialists in their field.

If you have a Debtor that you are looking to instigate Court Proceedings against in order to recover an outstanding debt, but not sure if they can afford the repayment, then we can assist in locating their assets throughout the UK.

Full Reports are provided once search completed.

Debtor Tracing

Debtor Tracing

Do you have an outstanding debt but the debtor has gone missing from their last known address?

Do you know any of the following?
  • Do you know their Full Name?
  • Do you have their date of birth?
  • Do you know their last known address?
  • Fast Turnaround Times
Give us a call and we can help locate your debtor!

Debtor Tracing

Our specialist tracing experts have been tracing debtors, lost friends and relatives as well as 'gone aways' for many years and with great accuracy.
debtor tracing
From as little information as a full name, we can quickly and accurately find a debtor's new address and reduce the amount of invoices you have to 'write off'.

Our debtor tracing service is normally carried out on a 'no trace, no fee' basis. Our normal trace time is 2 to 3 days as we like to confirm continued residence at the new address so that you don't waste time and money pursuing the debtor if they have already moved on.

In the event that we are unable to trace the current address for your debtor, then a full refund will be issued.

We offer three types of trace;

1. Bulk Electronic Tracing - Corporate Clients - We'll search all the databases we have access to and see if we can locate the person you are looking for. Prices for this type of trace start from £50* dependant on the information currently known, the reason for the trace, and the quantity of traces you require carried out.

2. Individual Electronic Traces
- Same as the above, but you only require a single trace, or a few traces carried out. Please call to discuss the information you have on the subject.

3. A Physical Trace - If we try to electronically trace the debtors new address, and we are unable to locate current whereabouts, then we can carry out a physical trace. These are time consuming and we can not carry out these on a 'no trace, no fee' basis, but we aim to provide a result quickly and efficiently.

To instruct us to carry out your debtor trace, please call us on the numbers below and talk to an agent immediately.


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