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Witness Statement Taking

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Kemp Investigations also offer Insurance Companies, Solicitors, Barristers, Private Clients and others alike the taking of Witness Statements.

We have agents in every county of the UK ready and capable of taking Witness Statements from Applicants, Respondents, Petitioners and Defendants.

Our network of agents are able to take both Civil and Section 9 Criminal Statements. We can handle any quantity of statements you need taking, whether it's a single Witness Statement relating to a Personal Injury Claim, to 100 Accident Insurance Investigation Claim statements.

Once instructions have been received from yourself, we will:
  • Contact the Respondent immediately
  • Arrange a convenient time to attend their address
  • Arrive at the appointment promptly
  • Ask all of the pertinent questions required for the statement
  • Write and prepare the statement
  • Have the Respondent sign the statement
  • Return the statement to you without delay
We act as quickly and professionally as possible to avoid delays so that you can continue with preparing the rest of the case without additional pressure.

We prefer to take instructions via e-mail, but if you would prefer to send us the instructions in the post, we have an office which is staffed daily from 8am to 6pm and all instructions will be dealt with, within 24 hours of receipt.


To use any of our services, please contact us on:

Head Office Number: 08444 142 145

Mobile Number: 07982 614 579

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