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Posting of Licence Notice Applications
UK Wide

Do you have an establishment, restaurant or public house you are looking to open in the near future?

Do you need a Licence Application Notice, Notice of Advertisement, Premise Licence Application, Variation of Hours Notice or a Licensing Notice to be posted outside the address and continually monitored for 14, 21 or 28 days? Then Kemp Investigations and Legal Services can help.

We currently work for some of the UK's leading chains of restaurants, bars, public houses and brewery's and already post their Licence Application Notices nationwide and have been doing so for many years.

We have agents available in every postcode in the UK ready and available to post Licence Application Notices as soon as they come in.

We pride ourselves on our punctuality and prompt service. We can accept notices sent to us via e-mail. We will then print each of the notices out on blue or white paper (or whichever colour the notice require) and then laminate them individually. We then send these notices to our local agent via special delivery whereby they will have the notice in place the following day.

Full scale photographs will then be sent through to you showing the exact placement of these notices. We will then check on the notices regularly and if any are removed or defaced, we will immediately replace them with new laminated copies.

This ensures that we provide the fastest service as we understand how business works and that time is always of the essence.
  • Licence Application Notice
  • Notice of Advertisement
  • Premise Licence Application
  • Variation of Hours Notice
  • Licensing Notice
All this is included in our low fixed fee charge. Please call for further details.


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