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Buildings and Construction Disputes
Expert Surveyor Witness Statements

builder dispute
We also have available Expert Witness Statement Takers in the construction and building surveyor field.

Unfortunately, disputes in the building trade happen every day. Whether it is over the quality of workmanship, a contractual issue or poor efficiency in design, problems can arise and an official course of action may be the only route.

Whilst it is preferable to avoid such a situation happening in the first place by employing only professional tradesmen, when errors are made it is best to resolve these conflicts as quickly as possible. Experience shows that if a dispute is managed from an early stage, then it is more than likely that a resolution will be found before Court action is required.

Once you have made contact with us, we will:
  • Instruct one of our Expert Building Surveyors to contact you.
  • Discuss the complaint with you over the phone
  • Explain our fee structure
  • Investigate the complaint immediately
  • Prepare an initial report
  • Highlight areas where an agreement can be made with the other party
  • Advise you where to proceed from the current situation.

construction complaints
Should the complaint not be resolved at an early stage and Court action is required, then we will collect all the necessary evidence, prepare the Witness Statements and Reports and then advise your Solicitor. Finally we will present our investigation to the Court.

Most importantly, all of our reports are carried out in accordance with the Chartered Building Professionals code of conduct and all of our surveyors have exceptional experience in their fields.

Our fees for this service vary depending on the nature of the dispute and the extent of our services required. We will always confirm with you an estimated fee for the work involved or an hourly rate for each stage before any work is carried out.


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