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Commercial Private Investigation

Kemp Investigations has been carrying out surveillance operations for many years and have become an expert in this field.

We can arrange for surveillance investigations to be carried out anywhere in the UK on behalf of our clients. Surveillance is an excellent way to obtain first hand information regarding a persons movements and more importantly, whereabouts during the day or night.

employee sickness
The main enquiry we receive from commercial clients is the regarding Employee Sickness.

It's always bad for business when one of your employee's becomes sick. It costs money to hire temporary staff, and it takes time to train others into specific roles. What makes this worse is that in 2011, it was estimated that 40% of all UK workers took a 'fake' sick day when they were actually fit and able to work.

Whilst most sick workers are off legitimately, if you do have doubts about certain individuals, Kemp Investigations can assign agents to monitor their actions and whereabouts throughout the day or at specific times chosen by you.

We are also routinely asked to carry out investigations for County Councils in all areas of investigation, including house to house enquiries to verify an individuals true address, a benefit claimants true level of disability and in cases of cohabitation and parental responsibilities.

We always provide our clients with any video footage or photographs that are obtained from the surveillance operation. We will also write a highly detailed professional and factual report about the events that took place and date and time stamp each individual action.

Surveillance can be undertaken through all means of transport, including motorbikes, and we are one of the few investigators in the UK that can personally provide motorcycle surveillance, if necessary.

To instruct us in your enquiry, it is best to call us on one of the numbers below and discuss your situation with a discreet and trained agent.


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