Valentine's Day or Mistress Day...

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St Valentine’s Day, a day in February dedicated to people sharing their love and passion for one another. It is traditionally known to be the most romantic day of the year, but for others it could turn out to be the worst.

“Mistress Day” as known for some, is the one time of year cheating partners will break hearts in order to meet their lover for an illicit encounter. Results show that 81% of unfaithful husbands buy their mistresses lingerie, whereas their partners only receive flowers. It also shows that cheaters will spend up to three times as much on a mistress than they would on their partner in order to impress them.

Private Investigators will agree that the weeks leading up to the big day are when cheaters leave most evidence of infidelities and take risks that they would not normally take. Unfaithful partners will always come up with excuses, some of which would include having to work late, being at the gym, business trips or hanging out with friends.

A recent study on a dating website showed that out of all the married men that were surveyed, 79% of them said that they were spending Valentine’s Day with their mistress. So how do you know if there is a mistress?

If you are suspicious of your partner in the days surrounding Valentine’s, keep an eye on them by staying in touch during the day or accompany them on errands they need to run. Be suspicious of their excuses to get away, especially on Valentine’s Day, and keep a note of any unexplainable charges on credit cards. He would be very unlikely to forget to buy the mistress a present and if possible, would try and take it to her in person.

Valentine’s is a day people do not normally associate with infidelity. It is a time when faithful partners go to new measures to express the way they feel about their loved ones. However, it is now becoming more publicised as a common time for hearts to be broken. For Private Investigators, it’s a very busy time to be instructed to catch the cheaters out. If you have your suspicions, contact a Private Investigator to carry out some surveillance. Although it could reveal an affair, it could also help you get closure and simply show that there is nothing going on at all.

Written by Emily Gowers
Enquiry Agent

Kemp Investigations and Legal Services
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