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UK Apprenticeship

A recent report showed that the number of job vacancies in March grew at its fasted rate for eight months. With over 2 million people currently unemployed, apprenticeships are on the rise.

Apprenticeships are an excellent way of gaining workplace experience and qualifications. As an employee of a business, you are able to earn money while you learn, as well as gain valuable skills and experience from the job role. Most of the apprenticeship training given is on the job, however you will also have to be assessed to gain your qualification and in most circumstances, are required to attend college.

Apprenticeships are available to anyone from the age of 16 and above and in fact even 29,700 people aged 50 and over completed an apprenticeships in 2010/2011. There are different levels that you can complete which include an Intermediate Level, an Advanced Level and a Higher Apprenticeship.

As an apprentice at Private Investigation Agency, Kemp Investigations, I am required to attend college once a week and be in the office for the remaining 4 days. I have an assessor come out to my workplace every month, and I am set new tasks to complete between these visits.

I feel the college course that I am on is relatively easy, and I have completed my NVQ qualification in the first 5 months of an apparently year long course. When I asked to be transferred on to a higher and more challenging level, I was informed that it wasn’t funded by the college or government and therefore I wouldn’t be able to study at the higher level.

The apprenticeship course is put into place for school leavers with little qualifications. However, due to the lack of employment opportunities, more and more people with higher levels of qualifications are now signing on to the course therefore I feel that they need to be adapted and made more challenging for the students taking part.

The employment part of the course is a good idea, with a lot of varied businesses signing on to the program. Working at Kemp Investigations, I have been given the opportunity to gain the experience and skills that I was struggling to get and the opportunity to work in an industry I had little knowledge about before the apprenticeship. It also benefits small businesses as it enables them to have employees to help develop the business and at a low cost.

The interview process also helps you gain valuable experience as they bring challenges and questions that you will be faced with when interviewing for other jobs in life. I felt the interviews that I went through were good for me as they all asked me different questions and enabled me to get good practice in answering them in the correct way. I felt I wasn’t treated any differently as an apprentice to an ordinary employee going for a job.

I feel that after this year long course I would not want to continue on to Level 3 of the apprenticeship scheme. This is in part because it is a relatively easy course and the majority of skills and training that I’ve so far gained is from the actual job role itself. Although it would be another additional qualification that I could gain, I don’t think it would be worth me doing. I hope at the end of the course I will be able to carry on in my current job full time, but if I were unable to then I would definitely come away with a lot more experience, skills and knowledge than when I first started which is a great benefit to me and will make my CV stand a lot more to other employers in the future.

Statistics show that 692,900 people completed apprenticeships in 2010/2011. With more businesses looking for experience rather than qualifications, and less jobs being available, apprenticeships are a great idea for employers and employees alike. My opinion is that the employment part of the course is an extremely beneficial and rewarding experience, but the NVQ is letting it down and needs to be improved and adapted if it wants to be seen as a worthwhile qualification.

Written by Emily Gowers
Enquiry Agent

Kemp Investigations and Legal Services
08444 142 145

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