New Hi-Tech Way to Stalk Girls...

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“Girls Around Me” is an application that uses public data from Facebook and Foursquare to create a map of ladies in the local area. i-Free Innovations, the creators of this app, have recently withdrawn it from the iTunes app store, but what has led them to do this?

When loading the app, it firstly identifies your location using GPS and shows you a Google map of the area you are in. It then has a radar button, which when clicked, it immediately displays all the girls that are close by in your area. It shows how many girls are in a certain location along with their names, and more disturbingly, their Foursquare and Facebook profile pictures. Then, with just a simple click on the picture, you can look at their both profile page and discover more information about them or, more worryingly, send them a direct message.

Whilst, it only allows you to do this if the girls Facebook page was set to ‘public’, this is Facebook’s default setting meaning many people do not even realise that their Facebook profile is visible for the world to see. This makes them vulnerable to giving out their location and personal information to someone without even knowing.

It has been called a “creepy app” and “a tool for rapists and stalkers” and has bought up a privacy issue amongst many people. Although this app has now been withdrawn due to privacy and safety issues, there will no doubt be more created. With apps like these around, who knows who could be watching you?

Written by Emily Gowers
Enquiry Agent

Kemp Investigations and Legal Services
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