Are You Being Stalked?

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Statistics show that there are approximately 120,000 victims of stalking each year with four incidents since 2004 leading to murder. Only 53,000 are recorded as crimes by the police and only 2% end in a custodial sentence. This year, on ‘International Women’s Day’, it was announced that stalking would now become a criminal offence, with better training for the Police, the probation service and the Courts.

But what is stalking? Why do people do it and what should you do if you think you are being stalked?

Stalking is classified as repeat harassment or threatening behaviour from an individual such as following someone, making constant phone calls, appearing at your home/work or leaving messages or objects for you. It is any unwanted contact between two people whether it’s done directly or indirectly.

Most stalkers are men and tend to be older with a better education than most criminals. They are often unemployed at the time of stalking and their motivations range from gaining power over a rejecting partner or the quest to find a new relationship. It has been reported that stalkers that have previously been in a relationship with the victims are the ones most likely to resort in violence. However, all motivations for stalking vary on the person and their experiences.

So how do you stay safe from stalking? Try and vary your daily routine so that stalkers cannot become familiar with where you are at certain times. Keep your house secure by keeping it locked and tell people such as neighbours so they are able to contact you if they see any suspicious behaviour. Use the caller ID on your phone to make sure you know who is calling you, as well as keep a note of every time you receive any phone calls, messages, objects or constant appearances from someone that could potentially be a stalker.

Although these are ways that you can stay safe from stalkers, you could still be in danger. If you feel threatened or feel you are in physical danger, then contact the Police immediately. With one in 8 adults in Britain having either been or being stalked, it is something that everyone should be aware of.

Written by Emily Gowers
Enquiry Agent

Kemp Investigations and Legal Services
08444 142 145

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