Is The ‘Robot’ Human Man Credible?

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It has just been known that roboticists have built a million dollar man with fully functional working heart, pair of lungs and a face made from professional artificial skin products. It’s said the robot was made for a channel 4 documentary to show how to make a bionic man.

In theory there could be many possibilities for this generation of roboticists, now they have successfully made a fully operative man. It appears there’s no reason that they cant configure profitable and successful ways to create bigger and better versions that in the future could go one of two ways.

It’s fair to say that this could lead to some sort of disruptive action as it’s unknown yet to what the main outset for this project will be, but I’m sure the population have a wariness of someone misleading the robiticists. In addition to this there are many things that may come of this, positively meaning that the public can benefit from this and many other designs for many different reasons, which are quite unimaginable.

An upside of a world full of robots would be that not only can they do the dull grimy dangerous jobs that could possibly save humans lives, but then on the downside it could take jobs from humans and could possibly means less opportunities for real people but if it saves lives, isn’t this something that should be promoted?

Written by Victoria Renshaw

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