Driving, Expect the Unexpected


Had An Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault?
It’s continuously hard finding evidence for something when there just simply is no verification for events that take place. Finding witnesses and finding the right words to say in an event of an accident can be merely impossible. It’s one driver’s word against the other, and it’s down to chance to provide you with the outcome you deserve.

A Roadhawk DVR Provides No More HASSEL
What is a Roadhawk DVR? It is a small camera that is placed into your car that fits right behind your interior mirror keeping a watchful eye on your journeys so you don’t have to worry when something goes wrong. Why leave yourself with the apprehension and uneasiness that you feel after an accident that wasn’t your fault.

How Is This Beneficial To Drivers?
It records on a constant loop consequently capturing any accidents you may be involved in, meaning the outcome will be fair and precise. These systems can provide accurate evidence in Court if necessary and help to prove which driver was in the wrong in an accident. If the other driver has a different version of events, the evidence from these recorders can show on video exactly what happened at the time.

  • GPS built into the device showing exact location of events
  • Playback software compatible with all computer types
  • Records on a loop
  • 100% accurate evidence
  • Proves you were driving correctly in the event of an accident

  • None!

I am interested to know what people think of this idea and how many people are for it or against it! Leave your comments below.
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