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Private Investigation Agencies are becoming more popular in this day and age. They offer a number of services dealing with your legal work, private investigations and any other enquiries that you may have. It only takes one unlawful private investigator to make a mistake or break the law and it’s not only them that will face consequences it’s the client also. You. Ignorance is not a defense in law.

Thousands of people set up private investigation companies each year. To do this, you do not need any specific qualifications or licences (at the moment) and this a typical way of people believing they can be successful and achieve a good income without any training. Therefore some people take it upon themselves to create an agency and then work in an illegal manner as a private investigator. The main illegal activity they may trade in is specialising in the obtaining of private information from organisations such as banks, utility companies and the HM Revenue and Customs. Obtaining information from all of these places without a Court Order is completely illegal.

And rightly so, any database where private information is held SHOULD NOT be available to unauthorized personnel. This is to comply with the Data Protection Act. Giving out personal information is against the law, and so also is ‘blagging’ the information from the database handler. Blagging is where an individual will pretend to be someone else such as a Police Officer, or a Doctor and trick the person into divulging the information. So when you trust an unregistered, shadey investigation company to deal with your investigative or legal work you are handing it to someone who could be risking their freedoms, but also yours. The consequences of purchasing stolen information whether knowingly or unknowingly can be punishable with jail time. You may not realise the company or individual working for you could be using illegal obtained data through fraudulent means, so you should always check with any investigation or tracing company that they only provide data and information that has been obtained fairly and within the bounds of the law. It’s not worth the risk as even if you don’t end up in jail, it’s never nice having the Information Commisioner’s Office raiding your solicitor’s office or workplace after your details turn up in an underhanded Private Investigators client list journal.

That’s why at Kemp Investigations we only operate inline with the Data Protection Act. Our company’s reputation and professionalism is our utmost importance and we strive to be the best and most proficient throughout anything we do. Every service our company provides is dealt with legally and any jobs we take on comply with the Data Protection Act. Our agents know the law inside out and having their background knowledge and experience really will make you feel secure in knowing everything you are paying for and being part of is with a fully legal and registered company and trustworthy members of staff. Kemp Investigations is a registered company at the World Association of Professional Investigators and we adhere stringently to their code of ethics.

Written by Victoria Renshaw

Kemp Investigations and Legal Services
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