A Positive Outlook on Apprenticeship Schemes

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Taking part in an apprenticeship is becoming more popular for people between the ages of 16-19. Finding and getting accepted for a job is something that you really have to strive for now. It’s getting harder as young people don’t want to stay in education or simply can’t afford to go to university and get themselves into a whirlwind of debt, leaving less opportunities and jobs for young people.

There are positive aspects for both apprentices and their employer in an apprenticeship programme. For the apprentice, you will more than likely go to college one day a week to help you gain an NVQ or another similar qualification, alongside effectively gaining work experience and getting paid. So you’re getting paid to learn a craft, while gaining a qualification and being paid. On top of that, as an apprentice you are eligible for an NUS card, which is a card that can be used to obtain discounts at high street shops and retailers, as well as online. Although, most apprenticeship schemes from private companies are restricted to the national minimum wage, currently set at £2.68 an hour, you could be lucky enough to gain pay rises as you go along for outstanding work and commitment. Any payrises you receive are up to the employer, but work hard and be productive for the company you work for and you should be rewarded as per any job.

On the company side of things, to be able to give a young adult an opportunity to learn a craft at your company is an excellent way to get younger generations out to work and give them the experience they need to be able to get decent jobs when they leave with knowledge that you have helped them gain. Not only that but as an employer you may not have the funds to be able to pay a full time employee with the right knowledge for your company, but with apprenticeship programmes, the national minimum wage is lower, and with grants available from the government to assit your employment programme, you can save thousands of pounds a year off your staffing costs.

From both perspectives this is a positve experience and for someone who’s fresh out of education that’s keen to start a job, be paid and treated in an adult manor it is a really good way to start off, and as an employer if you give a little more you are going to gain a lot more from your apprentice and that’s going to not only benefit the apprentice, but you and your company as well.

For more information on Apprenticeships and how to employ a young adult, please visit this goverment page.

Written by Victoria Renshaw

Kemp Investigations and Legal Services
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