The Reality of Young Knife Crime

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knife crime

There is never going to be an ending to knife crime, but there’s always a promising light at the end of the tunnel to decrease knife crime numbers in the UK. The number of ‘knife crime’ incidents in 2012 decreased by an incredible 57%.

Much like Hani Abou El Kheir’s case, the most recent death through knife crime of 2013, could this have been avoided? People say they are using new schemes to tackle knife crime but are their campaigns and strategies really working. Websites, schemes, programs, projects and charities are just some of many ways the government feel that this is a way to help prevent knife crime. But in reality how many of these approaches make an impact?

Gangs and young violent offenders have no respect for life, not just their own but other peoples. It’s like throwing a match at a firework and waiting for it to explode. Your life shouldn’t have to be compared to something as horrifying as that. At ages 13-19 you should be starting your life, not ending it to a gang of knives.

Its fair for a number of people to ask why are we spending excessive amounts of government funds (and tax payers money) every year on schemes to prevent knife crime, and feel like groups relating to these incidents are giving nothing back, but if we don’t try and stem the violence, what is that saying about Britain? It’s giving the impression that these violent acts happening to the youth of today are acceptable, and they’re NOT.

Written by Victoria Renshaw

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