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Customer service plays a big part in the success of a company. I firmly believe that it can be the making and breaking of a business, and this has been shown no more vigorously in recent months than with the numourous large nationwide businesses that have gone into administration due to in my personal belief, poor customer service.

It is well known to any company owner that even despite cheap prices, it is good customer service that brings customers back to their store time and time again. Tech firm Apple is a key exhibit in this train of thought. They are by no means the cheapest company when it comes to their computers, their phones and their music players, but their customer service is above all, the best in the industry. If your iPhone breaks through no fault of your own, you return to the Apple store and 9 times out of 10, you will be walking out of that store with either a fixed phone, or a new phone. This level of customer service is unrivalled. I remember the old days when your Blackberry would break and you’d call the BTCellnet helpline, who’d ask you to return the handset to them in the post. You’d then wait two weeks (all the time without a mobile) whereby they would then send you back the same handset, kind of fixed, but not really. It wasn’t good enough back then, and it still isn’t now.

Where has this attention to a customer’s desires taken them? Well, it’s taken them to being the most ‘cash rich’ tech business out there, and the more they aim to please their customers, the more successful their company will become, with or without Steve Jobs. And off of the back of this service from a once sideline player in the computer market, their customers are only too delighted to positively recommend them to other friends, colleagues and clients.

But despite this perfect example, many businesses out there don’t seem to understand this concept that ‘with good customer service comes great company profits’. As a business owner, I regularly see national companies giving me a second rate level of service, and all that makes me do is take my business elsewhere. This month alone I have decided to change my mobile phone service provider, internet connection provider, and my post/mail franking machine provider, all of whom have failed terribly to live up to their lacklustre promises.

If you can target the right customer audience for your services or your products your more than halfway there. If you’re an owner of a company, experimentation with feedback trials can also help to understand what your customers want from you. Knowing what makes your target audience happy, will help you to understand what good customer service is and to obtain it throughout a business. In conjunction with, communication, which is key to success. It is the undeniable professionalism that a company has to offer that can persuade you to use or obtain their products. If a customer feels comfortable talking to you it’s going to be a more successful outcome. If you can reassure your customers you can do what is asked of your services and prove to them by physically completing their requirements to a standard they are happy with this is excellent customer service and no doubt they are going to return to use your company again.

Overall not every business is the same and amongst many its fair to say they don’t all have what it takes to be leading and successful companies, next time you avail yourself in any type of customer service, ask yourself are they are treating you with mannerism’s that are expected of good customer service?

Written by Victoria Renshaw

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