"Find my Friends" or "Destroy my Relationship"

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Wondering where a partner is at times is something that crosses everyone’s mind. With the app “Find My Friends” now introduced to the world, you no longer have to worry.

“Find My Friends” is an app designed by Apple themselves for the Apple iPhone. It was created primarily for friends to be able to meet up with each other when in town at the weekend. The service is completely opt-in, meaning that the person has to agree to sharing their location details with you, before you can find out where they are.

It also has a range of other benefits such as allowing parents to see where their children are, or allowing you to keep an eye on an elderly relative. Whilst it is a useful social networking tool for some, others are finding alternative uses for it.

Husbands and wives are now downloading “Find My Friends” secretly on to their partner’s iPhones in order to keep an eye on any suspicious behaviour without them knowing. It enables you to watch your partner’s every single move and whilst this could put your mind at ease, it can also cause suspicion and destroy relationships.

Alternatively, what happens if your partner asks you to download the application on to your iPhone? Would you say yes and forever be tracked 24 hours a day? Or would you say no and instantly create unwarranted doubt and suspicion in their mind?

The original use of this app was simply a way for friends to be able to meet up and socialise more with each other. However, is this more sinister use of the app where you’re able to track your partner’s location 24 hours a day, creating unnecessary trust issues?

And more importantly, although the app can show where your partner is, it cannot definitively prove that they are being unfaithful, whereas a Private Investigator can. Private Investigators have the ability to carry out surveillance work professionally and covertly, and they should always be used in preference to any app like "Find my Friends" when investigating a partner.

Written by Emily Gowers
Enquiry Agent

Kemp Investigations and Legal Services
08444 142 145

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