Are Your Employees Really 'Sick'?

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Getting ill is something every one hates. You don’t want to take time off work but you also feel too bad to go in. If you are an employee, companies will pay you statutory sick pay for up to 28 days. In order to do this, you must either tell your employer you’re sick and if required after the eighth day, provide some form of medical evidence. This is all fine, but what if your employee continues to be off work for an extended long period of time? How do you know if they are actually really as ill as they say they are?

Private Investigators are being routinely hired by businesses to investigate employee sickness. They carry out covert surveillance operations for suspicious company bosses and watch to see if their employees are really telling the truth. Recently we were hired to covertly observe someone who had signed off work due to a leg injury. We managed to obtain video evidence of them out for a run which showed our client that it was very clear they were not injured and are easily fit to work.

Councils also regularly use Private Investigators to investigate people who claim benefits and say they are unfit to work. Again, through the use of surveillance they have been able to uncover cases where someone is claiming benefits due to a bad back but have then been filmed lifting heavy shopping bags and other items. This is all caught on camera and used as evidence in Court against the person.

If the Council do catch you claiming benefits when you are fit to work, then the penalty could be a large fine or even a prison sentence. At the very least though, you will be required to pay back all the money you have received fraudulently from the Government from being unfit for work.

People think they will be able to get away with it but the truth is, they wont. Whether you're claiming benefits unlawfully, or taking an extended leave from work due to 'sickness', then at some point a Private Investigator will catch you out.

As for employers, the Olympics are coming up shortly and this will be a great opportunity for employees to call in sick so they can stay at home and watch the events, or possibly join their friends at the local public house to enjoy the celebrations. Have you thought about hiring a Private Investigator?

Written by Emily Gowers
Enquiry Agent

Kemp Investigations and Legal Services
08444 142 145

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