Are You About To Date A Murderer?

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Online Dating

Internet dating is becoming supremely popular. But with millions of people using it to find love every year, there has recently been a number of high profile newspaper articles highlighting how dangerous internet dating can be. Fortunately, this is where a Private Investigator may be able to help protect you. and eHarmony are just two of the many sites out there for internet dating, with claiming they result in more marriages than anyone else. But what happens once you’ve signed up? You wink at someone, start speaking to them everyday, and before long they ask to meet you in person. But how can you really be sure they are who they say they are? Are they the high achieving Company Director they tell you they are, or could they actually be a twice bankrupt unemployed married father of 6 who’s simply looking for yet another extra-marrital affair.

Private Investigators are repeatedly being hired to carry out background checks on internet dating profiles in order to check out the past of an individual. This can highlight minor things such as the University they attended and the qualifications they achieved, but it can also inform you of where they live, and confirm where they work. More importantly though, it could also discover any County Court Judgments they have, whether they’ve been made Bankrupt recently, or even if they’ve been arrested and tried publically for Assault or even worse, for Murder.

Whilst the last possibility is highly unlikely, a background check is a really positive and easy way of reducing any doubts you may have about a person. It is an invaluable way for highlighting anything that could be potentially dangerous about them. Although some people may think this is wrong to find out too much about a future partner as it may dampen some of the excitement on the path to discovery, it does give you the opportunity to find out the ‘red flags’ about a prospect before it’s too late and you find yourself in a relationship with someone you shouldn’t be.

Internet dating can bring both a huge amount of happiness, but also a large amount of stress if you’re not careful. However, with a Private Investigators help, you can prevent this from happening. After all, this person could be exactly who they say they are, and you too could become one of the marriages the sites are boasting about!

Written by Emily Gowers
Enquiry Agent

Kemp Investigations and Legal Services
08444 142 145

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