What's Really Going On In Your Home?

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BU18 Button Camera Kit

Okay, so you’ve hired a nanny to look after your children whilst you’re at work. She also offers cleaning services while she looks after your children and your home. But every time you come back from work, the house is not tidy and the child is left screaming and you suspect foul play. What is the nanny doing? Well by installing professional spy camera equipment, you can find out if a crime is being committed.

But this is just one of a many number of situations where some covert video recording may come in handy. There are also many different cameras available that can be used for all different situations just like the one above. But what cameras and devices are there and how can they be used?

Covert Camera Kits
Covert Camera Kits are small spy cameras that can be hidden in everyday items. These can include car keys, light switches, phones and even glasses. They are perfect for catching everything from cheating partners to intruders in your home. You can get basic, self-contained cameras and audio recorders or there are more advanced covert DVR camera kits available.

High Definition and High Resolution Cameras
These types of cameras give you more of an edge then the basic ones. With high definition cameras, the images are sharp, colorful and highly accurate. An HD Digital Camera includes a button camera, which is ideal as it is able to be adapted to look like any shirt button or screw head. You are also able to get high-resolution cameras including earphones and a spy camera cap.

Digital Video Recorders
If you are looking for a way to get a clear, high quality video, which is time stamped and can be used in a court of law, then these professional quality Digital Video Recorders are what you are looking for. These cover everything from covert spy phones to DVR’s with high definition recording capability.

Head Camera Systems
These cameras are ideal for people who are on the move as they simply attach to your body, leaving your hands free. These can have many uses, one of which is being used by shopping centre security guards. Certain head camera systems have also been known to be used by the military and police which shows just how successful and useful they can be.

Counter Surveillance
What happens if you think you might be getting covertly recorded yourself by a hidden camera device in your own home. Maybe your partner has setup a self contained recording device to catch you out, well then a counter surveillance lens detector is what you need. These will highlight a camera lens when the light is off, and can also detect wireless audio and visual wireless signals from more sophisticated devices.

As you can see, there are a wide range of cameras on the market for everyday occurrences. They can help catch intruders in your house, help catch cheating partners and even help people do their jobs. With expert video, recording and audio, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use them sooner.
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